Sunnybay Lavender Shoulder and Body Heating Wrap - 9"x29"
Sunnybay Lavender Shoulder and Body Heating Wrap - 9"x29"
Sunnybay Lavender Shoulder and Body Heating Wrap - 9"x29"
Sunnybay Lavender Shoulder and Body Heating Wrap - 9"x29"
Sunnybay Lavender Shoulder and Body Heating Wrap - 9"x29"
Sunnybay Lavender Shoulder and Body Heating Wrap - 9"x29"

Lavender-Scented Shoulder and Body Heating Wrap - 9"x29", Moist Hot Cold Pack - Bean Bag Warmer

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ALL-IN-ONE HEATING WRAP FOR PAIN RELIEF: A multi-use weighted heating pad is just what you need for your back, neck, and shoulder pain relief. Because our Sunny Bay Thermal Pad Wraps deliver consistent moist heat, you can use this heating pad as a shoulder heating pad, period relief, or a heating pad for back pain. For a cooling neck wrap, pop this inside the freezer and use it however and whenever you like
HOT & COLD PILLOW HEATING PAD: Because our heating pad is flexible, large, and does not require electricity, you can address any injury that requires a hot or cold therapy pack comfortably with no worries. Use it as a thermal pain reliever, neck tension device, shoulder relief pillow, and more!
AROMATHERAPY FOR STRESS REDUCTION - Lavender aroma, comfort, and flexibility are what you need to reduce everyday stress! Our extra-large heating pads are easily heated in the microwave, making them efficient. It holds in heat and is designed to provide a flexible and snug fit around your target areas, whether standing, driving, or moving around. It works better than any back pain relief patch!
PROTECTIVE & FASHIONABLE NECK PILLOW COVER: Our heat neck pillow is made with high-quality materials ensuring your safety at all times. Our microwavable heat pillow is protected by a stretchy T-shirt cotton covering, providing insulation while protecting your skin. Your safety is our priority!
REUSABLE & EASY-TO-CLEAN: our high-quality cotton cover is soft and protects your skin while allowing heat to soothe your tired and aching muscles and joints. To clean and reuse your SunnyBay All-in-one Heating Pad, machine washes it like your T-shirt. Do not wash the bladder that is filled with seeds.

Size: 9 x 29 inches
Weight: 4 lb
Washable T-shirt cotton cover
Bladder: 100% cotton
Filling: US-grown human-grade flax seeds and local lavender buds

Microwave the wrap on a clean plate, flip after a minute, and then add one more minute. The wrap is heavy. It may take longer to heat up. The wrap is also moist and takes time to heat up initially. This will all improve after repeated use. The lavender scent may be strong initially. It will be enjoyable after repeated use.
Drape it over the neck, shoulder, tummy, back, arm, leg, or anywhere that needs attention. Use directly against the skin for better heat benefit.
Do not exceed 3 minutes of total heating time.
Freeze in a plastic bag for 2 hours.
How to clean: remove the cotton cover and machine wash it. Do not wet the bladder filled with seeds. The seeds will stick together, and the wrap can become unusable.

Social Care Award for Best Therapeutic Neck & Head Pillow Provider - USA. Awarded by GHP Magazine, 2017.

Best Pain Relief Product Company 2024 - USA

Certified Minority Woman Owned Small Business

Products are Manufactured in the USA by BioMed DB Design, LLC

Customer Reviews

Based on 75 reviews
Good quality and absolutely beautiful!
Pain be gone

Nice sizeHolds heatMade well!

Amazon Customer
Best Heating Pad Ever and Best Customer Service

Great customer service….got new heating pad …Being sent to me now!Thanks so much!Debra

CA Coast
Love it

Using this for leg cramps, and extra length is great. Also great is the very low scent- got a "lavender " one last time, couldnt breath in the same room with it, it was so overpowering. washable cover a plus.

Size allows a lot of coverage

Size and soft fabric is very comfortable. Use for pain relief of neck, shoulder and low back.

carolyn suzuki
It wraps around me and great shoulder size

The size is great for my shoulder and back

Ultra-Soft Anti-Pill & Cotton Fabric

Soft fleece that retains heat and protects your skin from burns.

Natural Ingredients

Hand-filled to perfection with natural flax seeds or whole wheat that hold heat for half an hour.

Designed & Built in The USA

We support our country by keeping our products American-made.

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