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I always try to ship out your order the same day of your purchase. We are in Seattle, it can be quicker if you are close to us.

For example, if you are located in the west coast, it takes only 2 days. If you live in NY, it will take 5 days for the package to get to you.

Our heating wraps and pads can retain heat for more than half an hour. Our fleece cover provides protection for your skin and insulation for the heat.

Yes! Our pads and wraps are designed for an even distribution of heat.

Light heat wraps may be microwaved for one and a half minutes. The heavier wraps, microwave 2.5 minutes. There will be instructions inside the package. Please follow the instruction and do not exceed the maximum heating time. To prevent hot spots and burns, flip the wrap in the middle of microwaving process. Do not let the wrap touch the microwave wall and stop it from rotating while microwaving.

Our pads are made of T-shirt cotton, anti-pill fleece, or both, one type on each side. The are filled with human-grade all-natural flax seeds or whole wheat. Each pad is filled to perfection with the right amount of seeds for comfort and heat retention. We calculated the stretch after repeated use. The wrap can be fuller when new. It will relax after use.

Yes! You can add your own essential oils for a spa-like experience at home, or you can shop our Lavender Collection, which comes with Lavender bugs mixed with seeds.

Yes! Sunny Bay heating wraps and pads can go wherever you go. They're made to be portable and move with you. Check out our specially designed travel pillows and our hands-free neck wraps.

We support our local economy! Our products are assembled in the USA. We fill the heat wraps in the Seattle, Washington area.

Sunny Bay has a 30 day refund policy. To be eligible for a return, your item must be unused and in the same condition that you received it. It must also be in the original packaging. Read more about our return policy. We offer one year warranty.

Take the heat patch out of the sealed plastic bag, either stick on the clothing or use the belt to hold the heat patch. The heat patch will warm up after 20 minutes or so. Please be patient. It can take time. The heat will last 12 hours. Please make sure you air out every hour so you don't get burns.

Please email us at or call us at 253-678-1361.

No, our product do NOT contain any chemical, aerosol or pesticide. They are made of non-toxic natural materials.

For customers who need their item right away, we offer expedited shipping using Amazon prime at a small additional cost - just $1 or $2 extra to the store price. We understand that sometimes those few dollars can make all the difference in meeting urgent needs!

The shipping has been free for all orders until September, 2023. Due to high labor and material costs making things in the USA, we will start charging shipping for orders under $50. Standard shipping rate is $7.95. Thanks for your understanding.