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Neck Shoulder Heat Wraps

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Microwavable Neck Wraps

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Ultra-Soft Anti-Pill Fabric

Soft fleece that retains heat and protects your skin from burns.

All-Natural Flax Seeds and Whole Wheat

Hand-filled to perfection with natural flax seeds or whole wheat that hold heat for half an hour.

Made in The USA

We support our country by keeping our products American-made.

What People Are Saying About Us


I LOVE this ! Its very very soothing to neck pain or strain. Literally relaxes your neck muscles instantly. And the fragrance is very soothing too. I use every day

Mary ann

Botkins, OH


This neck pillow is a true life saver for me. I suffer severe neck/spine degeneration and when I get home from work I haven’t been able to sleep OR sit in my recliner, I finally figured out I needed this neck support cushion. Ordered it, and literally from the moment I put it on and sat in the recliner BAMM , my neck was pain free for the first time in years.

Tim Hawkins

Candler, NC


I love it!!! I have chronic neck pain from arthritis and this neck wrap is absolutely incredible. The wrap stays warm for almost one hour. This wrap is well worth the money. There is no smell to it and it is made of high quality materials. I highly recommend this microwaveable neck collar.

M. T. Duffy

Munising, MI


I wear it heated most of the time at home to help relieve muscle spasms from pinched nerves in my back/spine. It also warms my whole body helping with cooler weather.


Los Angeles, CA


Use this for extra stress relief at the end of a hard day or when relaxing during down time. It also works in cold. Helps muscles relax and is great for 10 minutes before a massage.

Nancy J. Ford

Monroe, NY


I drive a lot and work at a computer all day. Results - neck and shoulder pain. This heated wrap gives me tons of relief. Glad I have it.

Harold R. Parker

New York, NY