Disposable Heat Patches for Back Pain Relief (15 Pack)

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Convenient Aid – Rethink heat pads that inhibit motion or rapidly lose warmth. Attach your SunnyBay self-adhesive heat patch to your clothes, and go about your day enjoying up to 12 hours of relief.

Achey to Easy – Get relief, quickly. Your air-activated, 15-ct. pain patch set helps alleviate pain, mobilize joints, and loosen tension by increasing blood circulation with 113°F of safe heat.

Soothing & Subtle – Apply heat to tweaked muscles or joints, chronic pain, or menstrual cramps without bulk. Your heating pads are discreet thanks to their slim, moldable profile and cordless design. 

Extra Benefits – Your lower back heat patch is helpful from activation to disposal. Its reactive contents, iron and carbon powder, make great fertilizer. Just make sure you air out every hour so the heat doesn't build up. 

Our Promise – Live well and actively with SunnyBay! We care about your wellbeing and ensure it with quality back, shoulder, and neck pain patches that fast-track recovery and provide instant solace.

Made by BioMed DB Design, LLC

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Really easy to use and so convenient to have

I purchased these patches just hoping for some relief after mild back pain has been debilitating lately and honestly I could not be happier with how these have helped me. From using them before bed to help unwind to using them in the car for long trips these are absolutely perfect to take everywhere, they are super discreet and do not smell at all so that makes it so lovely. I am always worried about how to dispose of stuff like this and it already tells you on the side of the box to use them as fertilizers when done; honestly, the fact that it is environmentally friendly too has been such an amazing plus! I love these!

Maya F
Works for about 12 hours ,pain relief

I work at the computer all day and these heat pads helped me a lot with a neck and back problem.I can use it all day while I'm working.Easy application.Works as described.Thank you!

Melissa Jack
Great for the go! Highly recommend.

Looking for a heating solution that keeps you warm on the go without being hooked to an outlet? Look no further than SunnyBay Adhesive Heat Patches! These patches are a game-changer, offering easy use, long lasting warmth (seriously, you'll feel it all day!), and versatility to use under or over clothing on virtually any part of your body. Whether you're active or just dealing with muscle discomfort, these patches are a must-have. As someone who values mobility and prolonged relief, I can't recommend them enough!

Lauren Messina
Good product !

I received this product over the weekend. It was packaged nicely (pictures attached). It took around 8 mins to for it get warm. Once I put it on it was a nice warming feeling that lasted for the 12 hours. It did not irritate my skin through my clothing. I love that it goes on your clothes and it doesn't have a smell. This product is great. The instructions on the product are clear. It is something I would use over other options particularly because of it not having a menthol scent. Great product!

Soothing and lasts!

Simple product. It just needs oxygen so when I take out the package I fan it around get a good breeze through it to kickstart. Works like a charm! It stays a lil warm up until that 15-25 mark then it gets toasty. I put it on a thick shirt similar to a thin sweater after a long day to relax with. It definitely last the 12 hours. Great product.

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