Travel pillow for neck support, bus train airplane stiff neck relief
Travel pillow for neck support, bus train airplane stiff neck relief
Travel pillow for neck support, bus train airplane stiff neck relief
Travel pillow for neck support, bus train airplane stiff neck relief
Travel pillow for neck support, bus train airplane stiff neck relief
Travel pillow for neck support, bus train airplane stiff neck relief

Award-winning Travel Neck Pillow, Perfect Neck Support in a Car, Medium, Blue

Perfect for a car ride in a reclining position. Ideal to use in a recliner when watching TV. Carrying bag to keep it clean.

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SUNSHINE PILLOWS have different sizes in the neck ring (S, M, L) to ensure proper fit and spine alignment. The pillow's enlarged chin rests provide forward support to prevent head nodding while you nap. In the car, reclining is the most comfortable position.

CUSTOMIZED FIT: The pillow is narrower at the cervical area and will easily fit in the small space between your neck and the headrest in the car or on airline seats. Great for a recliner or sofa while watching TV.

AWARD-WINNING DESIGN: Best Therapeutic Neck & Head Pillow Provider - Awarded by Global Health & Pharma Magazine. Stronger and taller side support compared to most traditional pillows.

SLEEP BETTER AT NIGHT: Many people sleep on this pillow every night and get rid of chronic neck pain. A stretchy cotton pillow cover works well to keep it clean. The indentation retains even with the cover.

Size: 13" x 12" x 5"
Shell: Requested fabric
Fill: Polyester fiber
Weight: 1.3 lb.
This size fits people with a neck size of 15 to 17 inches. Most people in the general population fit into this category
Hand-stuffed in the USA. Fibers are purchased from a distributor in the USA. Some shells are cut and sewn in the USA with imported fabrics.

Place the pillow around the neck with the opening in the front. Sitting against a chair, sofa, or sleeping in bed are popular uses. People also flip it so the opening is toward the top of the head. Firmness can be adjusted by removing the fiber stuffing or adding a piece of foam to the largest part of the pillow.
For cleaning, hand-wash the pillow and machine-dry it.

Social Care Award for Best Therapeutic Neck & Head Pillow Provider - USA. Awarded by GHP Magazine, 2017.

Best Pain Relief Product Company 2024 - USA

Certified Minority Woman Owned Small Business

Products are Manufactured in the USA by BioMed DB Design, LLC

Customer Reviews

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Product exactly as described.

Use to support my head & neck comfortably as I sleep in a chair next to my husband's bed who had a stroke & is bed bound. Can use in so many comfortable positions. Thanx much.

patti brocato


Great support for your neck

I had spinal fusion surgery on my neck and this pillow helps me sleep and gives great support. However probably a bit thick for traveling.

Stress and Pain Relief Chiropractic Neck Pillow

This chiropractic pillow is absolutely exactly what I needed. I have had an on-and-off stiff and painful neck for years. When I am sitting on the couch or in a recliner, I use this pillow and the tightness goes away. The first time I used this pillow was after work. I sat on the couch, used this pillow, and my neck felt so good I fell asleep. I can't even remember the last time I was able to fall asleep sitting on the couch after work due to my neck problems. I now keep this pillow on the couch and use it every time I sit down.The filling is flax seed, and the pillow cover is cotton. I can adjust the filling as needed to best support my neck. This pillow literally molds perfectly to support my neck. I just wish I could have had this pillow many years ago.

marvin babyatsky
it fits just right

After playing sports for 40 years my neck is shot and worn out. This pillow gives the support I need.

Ultra-Soft Anti-Pill & Cotton Fabric

Soft fleece that retains heat and protects your skin from burns.

Natural Ingredients

Hand-filled to perfection with natural flax seeds or whole wheat that hold heat for half an hour.

Designed & Built in The USA

We support our country by keeping our products American-made.

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