Heated Neck Wrap Lavender-scented Microwavable Heat Pack Purple
Heated Neck Wrap Lavender-scented Microwavable Heat Pack purple
Heated Neck Wrap Lavender-scented Microwavable Heat Pack Purple
Heated Neck Wrap Lavender-scented Microwavable Heat Pack purple
Heated Neck Wrap Lavender-scented Microwavable Heat Pack Purple
Heated Neck Wrap Lavender-scented Microwavable Heat Pack Purple
Heated Neck Wrap Lavender-scented Microwavable Heat Pack Purple

Lavender-scented Hands-free Neck Wrap with Flax Seeds Microwavable- Purple

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Enjoy a spa-like experience with this Lavender-scented Hands-free Neck Wrap. The lavender aroma relaxes tired muscles, while the microwavable, elastic-banded wrap fits comfortably around your neck and stays in place while you move freely. Thermal heat increases blood circulation and reduces arthritis pain to give you the relief you deserve.

Product Dimensions:

Size: 26 x 7 inches
Built-in elastic band may hold the ends together
Weight: 2.5 lb
Soft plush fabric
Filling: US-grown human-grade flax seeds

How to Use It?

Microwave the wrap on a clean plate, flip after a minute, and then add 30 more seconds. The wrap is also moist and takes time to heat up initially. This will all improve after repeated use.
Drape it over the neck, shoulder, tummy, back, arm, leg, or anywhere that needs attention. Use directly against the skin for better heat benefit.
Do not exceed 2 minutes of total heating time.
Freeze in a plastic bag for 2 hours.

How to Clean It?

Spot clean only. Wipe with a damp cloth or spray rubbing alcohol, then wipe it off.

In this video, Michelle from Virtual Hand Care explained a lot of details.

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    Customer Reviews

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    Amber Wyss
    Get it!!

    I love this neck wrap. It's so soft and a fleece material so it's super comfy on your neck or wherever you put it. I sprained my ankle and I was able to use it for cooling too which is great. I like that the clasp is NOT Velcro so it doesn't stick to things (such as my leggings).

    Lindsey Joyce
    Fabulous!! Especially for headache sufferers!

    I love this little lavender heating pad.-Not only does this thing heat up quickly and stay hot but it attaches very easily around your neck or head so you don't have to constantly readjust unlike a conventional heating pad or a water bottle that you just have to hold there there is a little strap on this one so it stays in place.-The fact that it smells like lavender is so relaxing especially if you have a headache when I keep this up and I take it to bed I can easily pass out to sleep quickly because it's so relaxing smelling the aromatherapy is great. Again this is super important if you have headaches.-if you were wondering it stays hot for quite a while I would say if I heated up in the microwave for a couple of minutes it's gonna stay hot for at least 30 minutes or longer.-it is really really heavy sometimes I warm it up and then I put it on my eyes and the pressure and weight of the heating pad can really feel great!I would absolutely recommend the seating pad I think it would be a great gift too if I get to the point where I need another one I will purchase this exact same one!

    Tashan Maxwell

    Soft, stays warm for a long time, smells pleasant

    Briana Romero
    Good for Neck Stiffness and Back Headaches

    Every since my husband had he illness, he has suffered from head and neck pain. He just needed something to soothe and relieve and help those muscles to relax. This does a good job with that. You can attach it around your neck and just leave it. It will look like it's choking you and you have to make sure it's not too tight, but it heats well and gives some relief to that area that always seems to have tension these days.

    Sheila Gordon
    Wife felt in love with it

    She is satisfied with item, help tremendously with her neck and lower back pain. We are definitely buying more Sunny bay items


    Warm Up Neck Muscles

    With the amount of time spent on the phone these days, it's easy for your neck and shoulder muscles to become tired without you even realizing it. Taking care of them early on can save you from a lot of headaches in the future.

    Get Relief Now
    Unmatched Benefits from Lavender Aroma

    Experience the soothing power of lavender aroma as it intensifies warmth and deeply relaxes your muscles. Take care of your neck and shoulders for long-term health and well-being.

    Feel good is priceless

    We strive to create products and experiences that make you feel like royalty. Investing in your well-being, happiness, and overall satisfaction is truly priceless.

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