How Using Heat Therapy Can Ease Back Pain

How Using Heat Therapy Can Ease Back Pain

How Using Heat Therapy Can Ease Back Pain

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Millions of Americans suffer from back pain. Sometimes the pain can be chronic, lasting days or weeks at a time with little respite. Other times it appears suddenly, with acute, debilitating effects. But one thing is for sure: When back pain strikes, it can affect our entire daily routines. It may make it difficult to sit at a desk during work hours. It can make it harder to fall asleep at night. It can make us grouchy or short-tempered with our loved ones.

Luckily, there are ways to manage back pain on your own. One of the most common and effective methods is heat therapy. With this treatment, you simply apply a microwavable heated back wrap to the affected area to relax the muscles and tissues that may be causing your back pain. And because heat reduces inflammation, heat therapy can help relieve many painful symptoms of low back pain and neck pain.

Read on to learn more about heat therapy and why it’s so effective in treating back pain.

Why heat instead of ice?
Many people are familiar with the trick of applying ice to an injury to numb pain and reduce inflammation around a joint. Most back pain, however, is caused by muscle strain or tension, which restricts circulation to the area. Ice would only further restrict circulation, but a microwave heating pad applied to the area helps blood pathways open back up and restore circulation back to the affected muscles.

When should you use heat therapy?
Because it promotes circulation, a microwaveable heat wrap can be used to prevent back pain as well as treat it. You can use a heat wrap before or during exercise and other activities that might cause back strain, or you can wear it at night as you go to sleep. Studies show that getting more hours of sleep can result in better overall well-being, with the benefits peaking at eight hours and tapering off thereafter. A good night’s rest is also essential for allowing your muscles the time they need to recover, heal, and relax.

Even better, a combination microwavable heated back wrap and heated neck wrap can help you ease tension and strain overall, delivering a steady supply of comforting warmth to your most sensitive muscles. After all, when your back feels better, you feel better — so open up your circulation with a heat pad and get your blood flowing.