How You Can Win Up To $100 Amazon Gift Card and a Product from Sunny Bay

How You Can Win Up To $100 Amazon Gift Card and a Product from Sunny Bay

Have you heard about Sunny Bay? They're a company that makes heating pads, giving away an Amazon gift card for up to $100 and one of their products to 50 lucky winners. Want to know how you can enter to win? Keep reading!

All you have to do is go to their website and fill out the form. It's quick and easy, and you could be the lucky winner of a $100 Amazon gift card and a product from Sunny Bay. This Holiday season, enter the giveaway ends on 31st Dec 2022! So Hurry Up!


Let's talk about the giveaway product!


SunnyBay Microwavable Heating Pad for Back Pain Relief: It delivers reusable natural heat to help relieve your back pain. It's a game changer in this segment as it is cordless but microwavable! Let's talk about some points of our product.


  • Wrapped in Relief – Surround sore, painful muscles and joints with your SunnyBay heating pad, microwavable! Complete with straps, your 58 in. heating pad penetrates tissue, targeting the source of discomfort.


  • Professional Luxury – Enjoy your reusable heating pad's features: sectioned, non-shifting flaxseed filling; soft, wipeable fleece; double-layered fabric for safety; and a pleasant, 2.8 lb. weight.


  • Warm or Cold? You Choose – Microwave your moist-heat abdomen heating pad to quell muscle cramps and spasms, ease pain, and fast-track recovery, or freeze it to reduce inflammation and swelling.


  • Everyone's Aid – Providing relief from aches and stress, your therapeutic hot compress is essential to athletes, seniors, desk workers, those who suffer from chronic pain or degenerative discs, and more.


  • Years of Comfort – Count on your non-electric heating pad whenever you need it. We craft your reusable heat pack to last, ensuring its durability with materials that resist wear and stretching.

 sunnybay lower back wrap for back pain relief


Time's running out to enter this great contest from Sunny Bay. If you fill out the form on our website today, you could be one of the 50 lucky winners of a $100 Amazon gift card and one of our products. Good luck!


Sunny Bay's Holiday Giveaway