Lavender-scented Microwavable Neck Heating Pad, Washable Purple Cover

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  • 3-IN-1 THERAPEUTIC NECK PILLOW: Relax tension, relieve soreness, and alleviate anxiety with our wearable spa neck warmer. Microwavable heating pads for neck and shoulders by SunnyBay can also function as ice packs or aromatherapy wraps as needed.
  • ERGONOMIC C-SHAPED DESIGN: Our lightly weighted neck heating pad for neck pain is designed to provide soothing heat to tired, sprained, and strained muscles without impinging on already tender structures, while its beanbag filling adds to comfort by keeping it moldable.
  • FORM-CONFORMING FLAXSEED FILLING: Our microwave heating pad for neck and shoulders is filled with lavender buds and flaxseeds that slip around and adjust the pillow to your body contours. The snug fit allows deep heat penetration, feeling like a warm hug against your skin.  
  • VERSATILE AROMATHERAPY WRAP: Not only is our neck wrap microwavable and freezable to use hot or cold as indicated for physical therapy but the lavender buds inside emit a calming scent to allow mental relaxation.
  • MOIST AND LIGHTLY WEIGHTED: Our microwave heat pack enables deep, effective moist heat therapy. Its gentle weight allows light compression of painful, swollen areas for better relief, letting the heat or coolness reach aching structures well beneath your skin’s surface.
  • READY WITHIN MINUTES: You’ll love the convenience of readying our neck heating pad. Microwavable neck wraps from our range can be heated for up to two minutes at a time. We recommend warming for a minute then flipping over and adding thirty more seconds.
  • SOFT, WASHABLE COVER: Feel the gentleness of the luxurious anti-pill fleece cover of our microwave neck wrap against your skin. Besides optimizing heat retention due to its insulating properties, it’s removable for easy washing. 
  • REUSABLE AND DURABLE: With high-quality stretch-resistant materials and a thoughtful design for sigh-worthy relief, our weighted shoulder wrap is manufactured to maintain its shape and effectiveness, offering unlimited usage with the right care.  
  • MICROWAVE-SAFE ZIPPER: Removable cover has a microwave-safe zipper. The cover is easy to remove and machine wash.  Please do not wash the bladder filled with seeds.
  • TRAVEL-FRIENDLY, HANDS-FREE: Hugging your neck and staying perched over your shoulders due to its gentle weight, our neck heat wrap can be worn when you’re on the go or occupied with your day’s chores without needing to be held in place.
  • RISK-FREE PURCHASE: We offer free replacement if you face any issues with our microwave neck warmers. Known for our high-quality and effective pain relief solutions, we prioritize customer satisfaction above all.

Size 12" x 12" x 2".

Filled with all-natural flax seeds for the best heat retention and soft feel, Washington lavender for aromatherapy.

Weight: 2.5 lb.
Microwave for 2 minutes. The heat lasts for half an hour.